There was no colours, no words and no questions anymore
just feel something unusual and bounced high

inside in the deep of dream and mind

there is only noise and pounding

fill the hearts which had

long been so empty


You make all feels so easy, makes me almost believe and trust

That I could be there at the arousal above the height

Building so many new colors, words unspoken

And flying through the new sense of

Remove all fear and all anger

Even all of resentment


All sense has long mastered, now beautiful for a wounded heart

you taught me the simply way in one word, only one word

there are no cliffs, not steep rocks anymore in heart

is also no concrete walls blocking anymore

I thought that was all there before

and blocking my steps


I was in a new sense now, in your arms and mischievous smile

Almost nothing else is blocking me to be inside with you

Also blocking my desire to feel the beauty moment

Hinder my thirsty and put tired in the surge

Hinder me to escape from the shackles

Hinder me to fly and swim

At a depth of passion

— M H —





*** dedicated only to my best friend Bodohman ***

= who want to bring happiness =

— for M H —




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